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Representative to ALIVE: Nguyen Thi Bich HA
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Loving Living Values!

Although only quite recently established, the new ALIVE Associate in Vietnam, Living Values Education Centre (LVEC or Chi Hoi Khoa Hoc Tam Ly – Giao Duc Gia Tri Song in Vietnamese) has been quick to get going under the leadership of ALIVE Director Nguyen Thi Bich HA who reported briefly on some of the recent activities. These started with visiting homeless people during the New Year period in March 2019 and sharing values cards with them as well as some life-supporting gifts. In April there was a two-day workshop for 30 kindergarten teachers in Tra Vinh Province and a four-day event for 30 teachers in Quang Tri Province that was combined with Pacific Links’ First Aid Training Programme for Teachers. This was followed in May by a sharing session between LVEC and a group of scholarship students.


The Extent of Living Values Education in Vietnam

Since the first LVE Training in Vietnam in October 2000, to the end of January 2016, LVEP in Vietnam has organized 247 trainings (from 2 to 4 days) for 18,040 educators. Hundreds of thousands of participants in Living Values Education activities include students of different ages, teachers, professors, social workers, psychologists, education researchers, youth, parents, people under drug rehabilitation and more.

Types of schools and places served:

  • Kindergartens: for normal children and for children with autism
  • Elementary and High schools: public, private, and international schools.
  • Universities: public (Hanoi National University of Education, National University of Economics) and private (Van Hien, Thang Long universities)
  • Provincial Community College
  • Psychology Institute, psychology association
  • Students’ Culture House, Children’s Culture House of HCMC
  • HCMC Communist Youth Union, Provincial Women Union
  • Provincial Population policy and Family Planning Agency
  • International NGOs in Vietnam.
  • Committee for HIV/AID, Drug Rehab Centers
  • Hospitals: for children with cancers, for hospitals’ staff and nurses
  • Open houses for disable children, orphans
  • Churches, pagoda
  • TV Channels: VTV, HTV
  • LVEP centers: living value cafés for public, living values courses for parents.


Success Stories

Story 1: Official Living Values Education course at the Faculty of Social Work at Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE)

The course “Values Orientation and Living Values Education” has been part of the curriculum of the Bachelor degree of Social Works at HNUE for more than three years. It is essential for future social workers to explore and practice living values for themselves and then, to help people in their careers. The course is 30 hours, in which 20 hours are for practicing and experiencing through group work, discussion, role play, reflection and the arts. Students find it very interesting, positive, creativeand stress-free, unlike other courses. Particularly, they find it easier to talk about ‘hard-to-share’ problems. Selective activities from Diane Tillman’s book, “Living Values Activities for Young Adults” are used, and the focused values are Peace, Respect, Love, Tolerance, Honesty, Humility, and Responsibility. Other values are integrated throughout the course. Video clips and songs from Youtube, as well as real life situations are also used for group discussions. Ngo Thi Thanh Mai, a Master of Social Work and the professor in charge of the course, finds that besides students’ personal experience, it is very important for the professors teaching the course to be an example of values while teaching and interacting with their students.

Below are sharings from students who attended this course:

Pham Thi Ly – student of Class 16
“I was so lucky to take the “Living Values Education” course as I received a lot of benefit. Anytime I studied a value, I realized how much I was still lacking. I didn’t know how to tolerate, how to forgive mistakes of others or how to use the value of love with my near and dear ones. This course gave me moments of silence, and a chance to calmly think about what happens in life. I learned how to love people, and how to live my life in a meaningful way so that I can be a good citizen and contribute to the society and the community.”

Le Thi Nhu Ngoc – student of Class 60
“I was so impressed by this short course. It changed my thinking and my perception in a positive way. Now I can understand more about the 12 values, especially the value of Peace. Peace is not only in the relationship out there, but also in our mind, inside each of us. I learned the skills to get inner peace, to control my emotions, anger, negative feelings, and can apply them right in my daily life. Now I understand better about life and people. I am more open and feel better about myself. I have shared with many people about this course and wish they also could have a chance to learn and experience themselves. I hope there will be more courses on values training so that everyone can join and get benefit from it.”


Story 2: An experiment by Mr. Nguyen Duc Hiep, a veteran and well-known teacher in Physics at Wellspring International Bilingual School, HCMC

“I have been teaching physics for 34 years. Before I read many books and also watched a lot of movies about values. I felt the values but could not understand much or get inspired from them, not even living with them. Only after attending the LVE Training of Facilitators workshop and seeing the values from the trainer did I then feel that I needed to change so that I could live with the values and help other people through my way of life and my understanding of the values.

I did an experiment with two of my consecutive evening classes of the same grade. Each class has from 60 to 70 students, let’s call them class A and B. For class A, I kept teaching physics as I did before. For class B I integrated physics theories with living values. As class B’s time is after class A’s, normally the students and I were exhausted by then. But since I changed my way of teaching with the values, we both felt as if we had more energy. There was no sign of tireness and the lessons became more interesting.

For example, when teaching interaction energy I told my students that in life each one of us is under many pressures: pressure from society to have enough skills, pressure from family, our peers, or even from ourselves. If we can direct those pressures so that they are on the same direction, which means to have power and determination, we will achieve high performance.

For the law of attraction, I talked to students about hobbies. Instead of letting ourselves fall under the attraction of temporary, negative things, students can choose to have healthy ones such as reading books or studying English, etc.

Similar to action and reaction forces in physics, there are both positive and negatives things in our life. What we need to do is to eliminate negativity and promote positivity. Instead of seeing the thorns, we should look at the buds and take good care so that they can grow into roses.

About momentum, I asked students to think of negative and positive habits. A habit is when our actions have gained momentum. Therefore students should practice acquiring positive habits, then the negative ones will automatically be replaced.

After a while, my students of class B become very enthusiastic and self-independent in studying. Their grades are quite a bit higher than the grades of class A’s students. Undisciplined students also became more mature. Hearing that class B had more fun, many class A’s students asked me if they could change their enrollment to class B.

I told my students that professional knowledge certainly would help in their careers. However, living values can help in all aspects of their lives as they are very important foundation.

From my experience, in order to teach living values well we need to be more sensitive and very flexible with different groups of people so that they can get maximum benefits.”


Story 3: Living Values Education at Binh Minh Village Drug Rehab Center, HCMC.

Visitors to Binh Minh Village Drug Rehab Center in HCMC are amazed to see patients reading in a relaxed manner and walking around with smiles on their faces. They feel the secret lies in the Living Values Education program which has been applied at PLV since 2006. Binh Minh Village’s English name is Peace and Light Village, or as they also call it, People and Living Values (PLV).

PLV is a private rehab center established in May 15, 2002. Using education as the key approach, the management here considers 80% of the success of the treatment process to be due to “mental therapy”. Based on the results achieved since its inception, PLV now applies two education programs simultaneously to change the behavior of drug addicts: the 12-step program and the Living Values Education’s program for drug rehabilitation. They have observed that these two programs together produce the best rehabilitation effect for even long-time drug users, especially during the two final stages of the rehab process: building a new life style, new behaviors, and helping peers. The LVE program has very practical skills which can be applied in reality.

The founders of PLV had attended LVE workshops conducted by Trish Summerfield since 2000. At that time, they found LVE a simple but scientific, highly educative method, which could fit quite well with Vietnamese culture, especially for drug addicts. “Living Values Activities for Drug Rehabilitation” was created in 2005. They began implementing it in 2006. By the end of 2008, the positive results had won their hearts and infused them with inspiration. They then assigned a board member to focus on LVE to become PLV’s trainer of LVE.

By the end of 2015, PLV has 50 patients who achieved long-term recovery, ten times the number of 2008. All of PLV’s working staff, from the managerial level to cooks, security personnel and cleaners … attended LVE workshops. There are no longer watching cameras or electric shock sticks, often seen in other rehab centers. PLV maintains a friendly and cooperative atmosphere amongst its staff and patients.

Below is the story of one of PLV’s former patients.

Luc Thanh Tam, 32 years old

“I started to use drugs at the age of 14, when I was in 8th grade, with my friends in the neighborhood. At the beginning, only certain sleeping pills gave me feelings of light and joy. Sometimes I slept for a few days, forgetting any problems with my family or studies. I come from a poor family. Similar to many other poor families, my parents work hard to earn some money so most of the time they let us the kids play around. In 1998, I left school and moved from smoking to injecting. To get enough money for drugs, I robbed bracelets of small pupils on bicycles, and did other bad things. I was in jail several times. In 2000, when I was 17 years old, my family took me to a drug rehab center for two months. After getting out I relapsed, went to jail, then used drugs again. I spent time at many drug rehab centers, at least six of them.

My life had slipped up and was at worst. All I had in me was bad habits and tricks, totally negative aspects of life. I felt no more interest in life. I felt desperate, lonely and felt I would not be able to find a way to get out of it until my death. I did not care for myself and ignored any advice, and the sorrow of my dear and near ones. My parents found it impossible to take care of me any longer. In 2002, I was forced to enter and stay at Duc Hanh rehab center for four years, until 2006. At that time I had been diagnosed with HIV for two months. I was seriously weak, so weak I could not take drugs. I understood that drugs would soon bring me to death, but I could not escape the desire. I felt it was my destiny. When I almost collapsed, my family brought me to Binh Minh Village (PLV). It was at the end of 2006.

To stay at PLV for a temporary recovery so that I could use drugs again was my thought. I was required to attend several courses there but didn’t think it would work. While I participated in classes, I also tried to take drugs. I was caught and disciplined by PLV’s management, and came in and out of the center more than 10 times. I was on the list of badly behaved patients.

In December 2008, I seriously violated PLV’s regulation by fighting. The management decided to send me back to my family. My father was so angry that he decided to send me to the government’s compulsory rehab Camp which is in a remote location where one is subjected to harsh conditions in the wilderness. That terrified me, so I begged my Dad and PLV’s management to give me one last chance.

I started to really study the 12-step program and the Living Values Education program. This program is quite different from other programs that I studied before. I gradually absorbed it, understood my real inner self and my thinking. My life style and my behaviours started to change. From the lessons, I practiced three values in my daily life, which are Honesty, Dedication, and Humility.

I need to be honest with myself and with others so that I can receive help whenever I get into trouble. Without honesty, no real recovery can be started. I became dedicated to learning and applying what I learned with lightness and in a simple way. I now humbly listen and learn from others and my peers, how they overcame bad habits, how to receive help and was able to receive criticism from others to keep myself sober.

After 8 months of hard effort, I made progress in maintaining sobriety and passed two test periods. I was chosen for further trainings and practice to become a counselor, facilitating the 12-step program and the LVE for new patients, with my enthusiasm and friendliness.

So far I have maintained sobriety for seven years. My health has recovered. HIV no more haunts me. It still exists, but it stays at its best level and I feel healthy now. I come to class every day to help my friends, play ping pong, volleyball, aerobics, and listen to music and watch movies during entertainment time. Every week I join discussions on different topics, evaluate the study results of patients, and draw conclusions to improve PLV’s performance. Sometimes I also drive a truck to deliver meals to PLV’s another site when the center’s driver is busy. In general, I have many things to do. I am living light for myself and for others. I see myself as a useful person and feel good about what I am doing. Especially my parents are very happy seeing me become like this. I never thought I could become like the me of today.

I can see that beside the valuable support I received from many people, my determination plays a very important role. It awoke at an appropriate time. I am so thankful to my parents, who have tried hard until the last moment, when I was at the final line. I am so thankful to all the staff at PLV, since the day I started to here. I am so thankful to Doctor Bob Smith and Mr. Wilson, who created the 12-step program. I also want to send great thanks to the Living Values Education program and to the trainers and facilitators who brought the program to PLV and served us with selflessness. And my final thanks to the key personnel of PLV.

There is still one thing I do not want to keep inside. My younger sister, Luc Y Binh became an addict when she was 14 years old because of me. She spent time at several drug rehab centers and also followed me to PLV. She has put so much effort to study. She overcame the test periods and has become a counselor for the female addicts for two years. I feel lighter as I have partially compensated for the mistake I made.

What I wrote here is all true.

I still consider myself in rehabilitation and have to keep strictly to the principles of the 12-step program as well as nurture the values inside me. Attending regular N.A. group meetings is a task I am not allowed to neglect.”


Story 4: Living Values Education program with the orpans at Loc Tho Pagoda, Nha trang
It has been five years since the day Bao Chau, a LVE trainer met with the Pagoda’s Abbot to ask her permission to teach Living Values Education and life skills to the orpans brought up by the Pagoda and poor kids in the neighborhood. Chau and her team of volunteers overcame so many difficulties, including the lack of facilities and teaching materials. From 60 kids in the first class, with warm hearts and resilient efforts, for over five years the volunteers have brought Living Values Education to 520 children, from grade 1 to grade 5. The program’s scale also expanded to 50 volunteer educators; they began with only eight at the beginning. Lessons and activities’ focus on Peace, Respect, Love, Cooperation, Unity, Honesty, and Responsibility. The children also learned skills such as listening, presenting, reading, thinking development, money saving and protecting the environment and animals. Besides regular classes, at special events on Christmas day, Lunar New Year, International Children Day, and Autum Moon Festival values were integrated with many activities, games, and movies for the kids.

The children are still naughy but also mindful, more positive, more tolerant, well-behaved, and kind. They know to make cards by hand for teachers, educators, and the nuns at the Pagoda on Teachers’ Day, or on their monthly group birthdays. Love, the greatest value shown by the educators, gives them the faith to change.

Some time ago, the volunteer team organized a program called “My dream” in which each child could write about his or her own dream. One wrote: “I dream of sitting and watching the stars in the sky and seeing my Dad. Dear Dad, I miss you so much.” In his letter he wrote that his father had died from an accident. Another child in grade 4 wrote that her dream was to grow to be a talented person and become an Abbot to take care of other orphans. Aware of seriouly sick children in hospitals who were less fortunate, they decided to make loving Pikachu for those friends. Naughty childrens sat quietly to make Pikachu with attention and love. Some even asked the volunteers for more paper so that they could make more Pikachu after class.



5. Stories from parents, teachers

Dang Thi Hong Nga, who has one 6-year old daughter and one 4-year old son, Thu Duc District, HCMC

“Thanks to the parenting class now I don’t look at the weaknesses of my children any more. I know that what I focus on will grow. My daughter told me, ‘Mom, I’d like you to come to that class more often. After you came, you stopped beating and rebuking me.’ Before, I used to beat her when she made me angry. Then she would beat her younger brother. Now when I get angry, I tell her I’m sorry and she forgives me very nicely. I also talk to her and explain so that she can understand and behave better. When she was angry with her younger brother, I asked her, ‘How did you feel when I was angry with you?’ She said that she was very sad. I continued: ‘So when you got angry with you brother, was he sad? What should you do?’ She then said she was sorry to her younger brother. For other things, I discussed or negotiated with her with respect, such as if she eats slow, she’s not allow to watch TV. It’s quite effective.”

Huynh Thi Kim Loan, a member of the staff at Hoa Mi Kindergarten, Phu Nhuan, HCMC

“Inside me there used to be sadness, and I worried about the past. There were also unhealed wounds. The LVE training gave me silent time to look into things that happened, accept and learn from them. I found out that everyone has values deep inside and I need to realize those values inside me and live with them. My inner wounds have healed since then. I have changed my job and practice looking at everything with respect. I see opportunities in my new job and am ready to learn. I learned from the trainer simplicity, tolerance, patience, and kindness. I will live with these values in my relationships with everyone”.

Nguyen Thi Kiem, Sao Mai Kindergarten, Tra Vinh City

“I was so tired with my class of four-year olds. There were many undisciplined kids and their parents did not understand and were difficult toward me. After the Living Values Education Training of Facilitators sessions, I realized that I needed to give more love and attention to my pupils. I now understand that every child and every parent is unique, and they need respect. When I respected the differences and paid more attention to my pupils, they started to change. They listened to me more, became more cooperative, and more cheerful. One boy who used to shout out in class now listens attentively to stories. When the children changed, the parents started to change their attitude toward me. Everything become better and lighter.”

Le Thi Diu Huyen, Vietnam Australia International School, HCMC

“After the Living Values Education TOF training, I started to teach Living Values to my little students. At first, I thought it would be hard for them to understand, but after awhile I saw that they progressed a lot. They are more aware of serving the self and behave nicely in all relationships. Especially their language skills developed quite fast. They are able to use kind words with quite deep meanings. For myself, I now listen better to their problems and have more respect towards them. That makes me feel light and happier in my interactions with the children everyday.

I was quite surprised when a parent shared with me that when she scolded her elder daughter, my student said, ‘Mom, don’t scold my sister, my teacher said that we have to live in peace and respect.’”

Tran Thi Hung Binh, Vietnam Australia International School, HCMC

“I participated in the Living Values Education TOF training in 2012, and first applied it to myself. I felt more peaceful and less angry with my students when they were naughty in class. I used the peaceful star lessons to encourage my most frisky student to be like the silent star in the story. He became better behaved and more cooperative.

In 2013, I taught four- to five-year old children to make a star chart based on the value of peace. They were very excited and happy when they received the values stars. I was also successful when teaching the arms to hug lesson. Through that my kids learned to control their emotions. They knew to count “1, 2, 3...” to eliminate their anger and were able to solve their problems with calmness and there was less fighting and vying for toys. They learned to share and play with others.

I believe I will continue to do well in 2014 and help my pupils be more aligned with living values.”

6. Summary of Evaluation Reports: LVE Effects on Teachers and Students 3 months and 1 year after Living Values Education TOF trainings

By Axis Research Company – November, 2014

  • Number of reporting forms collected from teachers: 110
  • Time of TOF trainings: 2012 - 2013
  • Cities: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi
  • Key values focused on in the classroom: Love (96%), Respect (94%), Honesty (66%), Responsibility (49%), Peace (44%).
  • Use of LVE activities: all (23%), most (51%), some (26%)
  • Duration: 5-20 minutes (82%), 21 – 40 minutes (18%)
  • Frequency: Daily (23%), twice a week (23%), once a week (46%), others.
  • 100% students have more self-confidence, respect toward teachers/ adults, honesty, interest in school, safe feeling physically/emotionally.
  • Considerable improvement in respect toward peers, ability to resolve conflict, ability to cooperate, responsibility, ability to concentrate in class, ability to share/give opinion. Students are more united and care of each other
  • 90% of teachers see positive improvement in themselves, from better to much better. They can control their emotions, and feel more peaceful, lighter, and happier.


Inspiring Workshops, and Special LVE Sessions with Orphans, Addicts and Parents

January 7 – 10, 2016
A four-day Living values TOF workshop took place at Kids’Smile Kindergarten school in Vinh City, Nghe, a province in the northern region of central Vietnam, was led by two trainers, Bich Ha and Thu Van. All of the school’s members, including the Chairman, two Board members, the school’s Headmaster, teachers, nurses, and cook attended. Kids’Smile is a newly set up kindergarten and plans to recruit students from mid-February 2016. Mr. Trinh Trong Duong, KidsSmile’s Chairman, shared that he had been searching and studying many education methods for kids from different countries but was not satisfied until the day he saw the Living Values Education books in a book store. He believes that LVE is the right approach, and fits well with the culture of Vietnam. He committed to bring the values into all aspects of his school and also set a vision to expand Kids’ Smile network, along with LVE, to all five provinces in the northern region of central Vietnam.


Living Values Facilitators’ group meeting on December 5, 2015
This meeting was the third facilitators’ meeting in 2015 and the fifth one since LVRC’s inception, with the participation of 15 facilitators, educators from three schools, one drug rehab center, and one volunteer group. Inspired by Trish Summerfield’s sharing about the letter she sent to her father three months before he passed away, each participant wrote a letter for a person he or she chose. Mr. Hiep, a veteran teacher, said that he was very moved while writing his first letter ever to his son who studies abroad. Participants were then divided into smaller groups to share and exchange their experiences with the values, their success stories during 2015, and their plans for next year. The meeting continued with Pham Thi Sen, LVRC’s director, who led all participants to visualize a visit to their old age, then return and plant their own values tree. We ended singing together a song about the meaning of living life. Everyone felt so light and inspired, getting closer after the meeting. Ngan Pham, a teacher at Vietnam Australia International School, shared that every time she attended a Facilitators’ group meeting, she felt as if her mind was fully charged by the atmosphere, the trainers and the volunteers at LVRC, as well as by peer educators from other schools. Thanks to that she feels that she has become a charger for her family, friends and colleagues. They recharge with her and enjoy more happiness and enthusiasm for life.

November 23-26, 2015
A four-day LVE workshop was held in Ben Tre province in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam by two trainers, Pham Thi Sen and Lai Van Anh. 150 sisters from Cai Mon Lovers of the Cross Congregation in Ben Tre and in other nearby provinces participated.

November 28, 2015
A second workshop in 2015 for parents was conducted by Pham Thi Sen, LVRC’s director at Tan Phu center, HCMC. A total of 116 parents participated and gave positive feedback about the program. Some of the feedback:

Ms. Truong Thi Minh Ngoc (from Saigon Times Magazine)
I like the four roles in one: being a mother, a teacher, a friend, and a leader to help my children develop physically and mentally, give them orientation, share with them and motivate them so that they can recognize their strengths and passion. I need to apply the core values more regularly to bring peace and sustain it for my family and for myself. I am ready to practice all I have learned to improve myself so that my children and I can have a better, happy, and peaceful life.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung (with one daughter and one son)
The knowledge I have learned from this course is so helpful. It is knowledge which other persons might not have a chance to learn in their entire lives. I can recognize the mistakes I made with my children and from now I will listen to them, understand, share, and give them direction towards the values so that they can become valuable citizens.

Ms. Pham Tran Thanh Nhi (an IT engineer, with 2 kids)
What I like most is about building the values as the solid foundation for our children’s development, rather than focusing on the upper part which are the skills. The content would be more interesting if we have more real life examples about children’s behaviours.

Mr. Ho Cong Huan (Project Manager, with 2 kids)
I like the sharing part about parents’ experience and problem solving. I want to introduce this workshop to parents so that they can attend. The earlier the better. It would be better for those who will soon become parents, or who have kids at kindergarten level.

September 16, 2015: Exhibition at HCMC Women Union House
LVRC had a booth at the “Women and Creativity” exhibition at HCMC Women Union House under the theme: “A peaceful space for women to nurture positivity and creativity”. Three hundred representatives from different women organizations in Ho Chi Minh city visited this booth and had chance to listen to the introduction about LVE and LVRC activities, and receive free value cards.

August 05 – 09, 2015: Living Values TOF workshop at Le Loi highschool in Ha Giang, a mountainous province in the north of Vietnam
The workshop took place during a tropical cyclone and was one of the longest distances that a Living Value Trainer had traveled. Trainer Bao Chau brought smiles in the faces of 30 teachers in heavy rain and cloudy days in Ha Giang. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang, one of the participants, said: “I recognize that I became lighter and less worried. I can be me and feel that I need to change my thinking, to think, talk, and do according to the values in the relationships with my family, friends, and colleagues. I feel more love toward this life…”

June 30 – August 05, 2015: Living Values came to orphans at the Humanity Center, HCMC

Forty children at Humanity Center in District 3, HCMC, took Living Values Education classes with a variety of activities such as rainbow making, peace painting, art performing, relaxation exercises and watching video clips. The facilitators were Tra Giang and Phuong Trinh from LVRC. Thanh Phuong, grade fifth said: “I am very happy as I have learned good things: love, unity, patience, and respect. I find myself having good qualities of love and helping others.” Another child named Ngoc Bich shared: “Since my studying Living Values, I feel that we should not hate or envy to each other, but should love, share, and be in unity with everyone.”

February 10 – August 04, 2015: Living Values Education courses for 20 Addicts at Binh Minh Village Drug Rehab Center
The participants practiced relaxation exercises, which they found quite useful. They felt lighter during the visualizations led by the facilitators. One participant, who kept silent most of the time of the course, approached the facilitators on the last day and said: “I am so thankful to this program. I normally don’t talk much and I don’t know how to speak about my feelings but I am very happy that I took this course and now I have stronger determination to start a new life.”

July 21- 24, 2015
A four-day LVE TOF training workshop for 38 teachers at Olympia school in Ha noi, was led by Trish Summerfield.

June 19 – 27, 2015
A four-day LVE TOF training workshop for 30 teachers and staff at the Laurence Ting International School in HCMC, was led by Bich Ha.

Jan 18, 2015
Sixty 60 high school students who received a Nguyen Thai Binh scholarship experienced Living Values activities, facilitated by Lai Van Anh in Thu Duc District, HCMC.

Living Values Café – A program held regularly for the public at LVRC’s Binh Trieu and Tan Phu Centers
This program is facilitated by a team of LVRC’s young volunteers on different topics, such as Cooperation from the Heart, the Secrets of Cooperation, Green Values for the Nature, Real Happiness, Get Happiness Back, Yes I Can, etc. In 2015, the team facilitated six Cafés, with the participation of 125 people, from 18 to 50 years of age.

Bich Ha Nguyen



Students Prefer the LVE Teaching Style … and Research Confirms that Teachers Who Teach LVE Enjoy Teaching More!

On day four of a recent LVE Educator Training in Saigon, a science professor with 34 years of teaching experience shared that he felt so inspired by this new style of teaching after two days of training, that in the evening of the third day he did an experiment. That night he was scheduled to teach two classes of students at the same level the same subject. He taught class 'A' in the same manner that he has been teaching for 34 years. He taught class 'B' according to the Living Values Education style and created a value based atmosphere. He found that students in class 'B' immediately responded to the change of style and became very participatory and energetic. He also found that he felt inspired by the class. The next day at school several students from class 'A' came up to him and said that they had heard about how good class 'B' was and asked to join it!

In June of 2014 the second meeting for LVE facilitators took place at LVRC. During the meeting, teachers from different schools practiced and experienced values more deeply, discussed and shared their own experiences and resources, songs and video clips, in teaching/facilitating LVE. The latest research results on the impact of LVE three months after training were also shared at the meeting. One of the interesting results: Teachers who do LVE, enjoy teaching more!

LVE Continues to Spread With Many Workshops and Enthusiasm about Implementation

Bich Ha, the President of the ALIVE Associate in Vietnam reported that LVE continues to spread throughout Vietnam. "This year in Ha Noi, there have been LVE Trainings of Facilitators for teachers at Vinschool and Thang Long University. Thang Long University will use LVE as a weekly subject in the social work course and all other students in the school will receive a minimum of 12 sessions of Living Values Education activities each year. In Binh Thuan, there have been LVE workshop for teachers from different schools. In Ho Chi Minh City, LVE Training of Facilitators seminars have taken place at Vstar International School and Wellspring international bilingual school. Vstar school has applied LVE since 2012. This school has expanded and developed a good reputation, hence the school board continues to request LVE trainings for their new teachers. Wellspring, a newly built school, will use LVE in their curriculum for all classes and school activities. They have also asked for LVE workshops for all staff and parents."


January 2013 – Children Living in Challenging Circumstances Create Cards of Love

During an LVE lesson, a group of children living in challenging circumstances in Nha Trang, Central Vietnam, wrote cards of love to give to their caretakers in the Buddhist temple where they live. The photos were taken by Ms Bao Chau.

Trish Summerfield


Living Values Research and Consultancy Center (LVRC) was granted licence to operate in July, 2013 by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam.

Transformed from a foreign NGO to a local legal entity, LVEP in Vietnam from now have wider opportunities to develop and serve local communities.

Located at 30 Road 7, KP1, National Road 13, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC, LVRC can open branches or representative offices in other provinces and cities in Vietnam. The Center's activites will focus on 3 main areas:

  1. Providing LVE trainings to trainers and educators for schools or NGOs that work with children, and conducting LVE courses and activities for local communities.
  2. Conducting research on the effects of LVEP on students, youth, and parents in Vietnam.
  3. Organizing supporting activities, which include LVRC website, off-line meetings for facilitators, etc… and raising public awareness about LVE in Vietnam and around the world.

More LVE activities to local communities and more LVE Trainings of Facilitators

From June to September, different LVE activities have been conducted to Loving School in Binh Thanh district, at Students' Cutural House, and at LVRC's site in HCMC. In the Mekong Delta region, members from the women's unions in Long My ward, Hau Giang provice took courses on positive values and learned skills such as anger management and conflict resolution. A series of living values activities on the environment were also implemented within the framework of the Green Dream Together Program by the Muc Tim newspaper, a specialized newspaper for school teenagers.

On the training side, many LVE TOF trainings were conducted to the Vietnam Australia International schools, Toan Thinh Phat school system, Bambini Education Center, Khai Tri kindergarten, and Hanoi National University of Education.

2012 Highlights

VIETNAM: LVE Continues Robustly through Enthusiasm, Trainings and Television

2012 promises to be a busy year for Living Values Education in Vietnam. In cooperation with the Children Protection Association and HTV Vietnam, LVE will write and film around twenty-five lessons in 2012 to be aired on HTV Vietnam targeting audiences ages thirteen to seventeen along with a number of lessons for parents. Each lesson is to be fifteen minutes in duration. The program will be called, ‘Awakening Values.’

In March 2012, a wonderful training was held in Cau Giay District, Hanoi with 25 kindergarten teachers, two lecturers from Hanoi University, one educator from the Blue Dragon and one lecturer who wanted to follow a training after attending a TV session with Trish Summerfield. They shared wonderful comments in the closing session. They expressed being inspired by the program’s educational ideas declaring they would teach differently from now on – with much more love. They were very interested in the "time out" idea and asked us to come to talk more about the concept. They plan to invite us for further trainings with the remaining staff. We could also feel huge interest in the idea of a workshop for parents. This school has good relations with NBK school, which has just completed the first parent training. Two teachers expressed interest in becoming volunteers for LVE, helping other teachers and people in Vietnam.

In 2012, at Youth Cultural House in Ho Chi Minh City, LVE will continue to offer twice weekly classes on Living Values Education for university students. Hundreds of students are already wait-listed to join the free classes which have been running since 2009. Recently, a number of students shared the significant impact the classes have had on them with Van, their LVE facilitator. Van learned from the students, most of whom are from the countryside, that they felt so happy to experience the positive bond and atmosphere in the LVE sessions. They added that their understanding of life, values and their meaning had been greatly expanded during the sessions.

The First Training for Parents in the Cau Giay District, Hanoi began in October 2011 and continued on a weekly basis through March 2012. It was organised for the parents of Dr. Hoa’s Yen Hoa School and the feedback has been extremely enthusiastic, highly appreciative and positive. It appears to have provided parents not only positive parenting skills and values activities but also an opportunity to deeply share concerns and challenges they have carried for many years. Each week, the parents arrived enthusiastically and departed ready to experiment with the lessons at home.

From April to July 2011, three LVE trainings were held at the Nguyen Binh Khiem School, Cau Giay, Hanoi. The principal of Nguyen Binh Khiem School, Dr. Hoa, participated in the entire first Living Values Education training conducted at his school and was very impressed by the impact of the program on his teachers. Some experienced teachers shared how special and new this program was for them. Dr. Hoa invited us to return for additional trainings.

Following the second training, the teachers set up a plan to present Living Values lessons to their students. As Dr. Hoa received a lot of positive feedback from the parents, he shared with us the idea of creating a Living Values program for them, as well. For the next training, he also wants to include school’s kitchen staff.

A number of members of the Blue Dragon, an NGO focusing on street children, joined in these trainings with the Nuyen Binh Khiem staff. The Blue Dragon manager commented, "I've had terrific feedback from the staff who attended. One of them just came in to the office and the first thing she said was ‘I'm so glad I went to Living Values!’ Thanks so much for this great work you are doing!"

In 2011, the principal of Yen Hoa School in Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Mrs Nguyen Thi Thinh, expressed her commitment for all classes at her school, from grades one through twelve, to have Living Values once a week throughout the school year. It was an interesting training because different participants from a variety of organisations participated together. Two members of the Chamber of Education were present and expressed their willingness to bring this valuable values education to their director.

Again three staff from Blue Dragon participated. Their project manager, an Australian psychologist, was extremely laudable about the program. "Again, thanks for the great training. It has already come in useful as we were facilitating some training in Hoi An, this morning, with human welfare practitioners working with adolescents who are hostile and angry and we used some of the LVE concepts about what lies under anger (hurt, fear and shame). It was received well".

In December 2011, after being inspired by some staff following an earlier LVE training, Chamber of Education Director, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, invited 20 principals from Cau Giay District and some of her staff to participate in a four day LVE training. In addition, a group of workers from the Blue Dragon attended. This was the first time Chamber of Education staff attended a full LVE training and many shared that they gained valuable insights into LVE which is currently being piloted in schools in the Cau Giay District in cooperation with the Chamber of Education. It is anticipated these principals will host LVE trainings in their schools.

Trish Summerfield
Focal Point for LVE in Vietnam

October 2000 until January 2012

Living Values Activities for Psychology Students at Van Hien University,
Ho Chi Minh City with facilitator Ms Van. Living Values Education is an
official elective subject at the University.

From the first training in October 2000 until January 2012, LVE has conducted 217 two- to four-4 day educator trainings for a total of 17,200 participants including teachers, social workers, psychologists and peer educators in drug rehabilitation centers throughout Vietnam.

Thousands of educators in both formal and non formal settings throughout Vietnam are applying Living Values Education activities and creating a value based atmosphere in their classrooms and learning environments.

2012 – LVEP Cooperation with the Children Protection Association and HTV, Vietnam

LVEP Vietnam will write and film around 25 lessons in 2012 to be aired on HTV Vietnam targeting audiences aged 13- 17 years and along with a number of lessons for parents. Each lesson is to be 15 minutes in duration. The program will be called, 'Awakening Values'.

2012 – Youth Cultural House, Ho Chi Minh City

In 2012, LVEP will continue to offer twice weekly classes on Living Values Education for university students. Hundreds of students are already wait-listed to join the free classes which have been running since 2009. Recently a number of them shared the significant impacts the classes have had with their LVEP facilitator, Van. Van learned from the students most of whom are from the country side they felt so happy to experience the positive bond and atmosphere in the LVEP sessions. They added that their understanding of life, values and their meaning had been greatly expanded during the course of the sessions.

2012 – The First Training for Parents in the Cau Giay District, Hanoi

The First Training for Parents in the Cau Giay District, Hanoi began in October 2011 and continued on a weekly basis for 10 weeks through until March 2012. It was organised for the parents of Dr Hoa's Nguyen Binh Khiem School. The feedback from parents has been extremely enthusiastic, highly appreciative and positive. It appears for many of them to have provided not only positive and useful parenting skills and values activities, but also an opportunity to share deeply concerns and challenges they have carried for many years.

Each week the parents turned up enthusiastically and left ready to experiment with the lessons at home. At the end of May we have a follow up day and have planned to go to the country side. During the last session we had a little celebration and the parents expressed that they wanted to do something with the bonds that were made during the training. Let's see what happens during the follow up in May - I will keep you informed.

2012 – Kinder Garden training, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. 5+6 & 19+20 March

Kinder Garden training, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. 5+6 & 19+20 March

A wonderful training with 25 kinder garden teachers, two lecturers from Hanoi University, one educator from Blue Dragon (NGO street children) and one lecturer who wanted to follow a training after attending a TV session with Trish Summerfield. Already on the first day they shared wonderful comments in the closing session.

They expressed that they got inspired with the program's educational ideas and that they would teach differently from now on - with much more love. They were very interested in the "time out" idea and asked us to come to talk more about the concept. They plan to invite us for further trainings with the remaining staff. We could also feel huge interest in the idea of a parents' training. This school has good relations with NBK school, who have just completed the first parents training. It looks like this kindergarten may become the second school to invite us for a parents training. Two teachers expressed to become volunteers for LVEP, to help other teachers and people in Vietnam.

Kinder Garden training, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Participants facilitating lessons in small groups.

2012 – University of Can Tho – Mekong Delta

In February 2012, LVEP will begin atwo year project with Can Tho University to train both students and teachers in Living Values Education.

2011 Highlights

2011 - Yen Hoa School Makes a Whole School Commitment to LVEP

The principal of Yen Hoa School in Hanoi, Mrs Nguyen Thi Thinh, expressed her commitment for all classes at her school, from grade 1 through to grade 12, to have Living Values once per week throughout the school year. It was an interesting training because different participants from a variety of organisations participated together. Two members of the Chamber of Education were present and expressed their willingness to bring this valuable values education to their director.

Again three staff from Blue Dragon, an NGO for street children joined. Their project manager, an Australian Psychologist, who also participated was extremely laudable about the program and training. "Again, thanks for the great training. It has already come in useful as we were facilitating some training in Hoi An this morning with human welfare practitioners about working with adolescents who are hostile and angry and we used some of the LVEP concepts about what lies under anger (hurt, fear and shame). It was received well".

2011 – Nguyen Dinh Chieu School, HCM City

In 2011, LVEP conducted two trainings for the principals, board members and teachers at Nguyen Dinh Chieu School in HCM City. There was enormous enthusiasm amongst the participants and the school reports that following the trainings the atmosphere in the school has become much more positive and the students are benefiting a lot.

2011 – Nguyen Binh Khiem School, Cau Giay, Hanoi (3 training's) April-July-October

The principal of Nguyen Binh Khiem school, Dr Hoa, participated in the entire first Living Values Education training conducted at his school and he was very impressed by the impact of the program on his teachers. Some experienced teachers shared how special and new this program was for them. Dr Hoa invited us to have a second and third training.

Groups work: How can we apply LVEP in our organisation - (Blue Dragon - NGO street children)

Following the second training the teachers set up a plan to startapplying Living Values lessons with their students. As Dr Hoa received a lot of good comments from the parents he shared with us the idea for a Living values program for his students' parents. For the next training he also wants to include school's kitchen staff.

A number of staff from the NGO Blue Dragon, that works with street children, joined in these training with the Nuyen Binh Khiem staff.. A quote from the Blue Dragon Manager following the training: "I wanted you to know that I've had terrific feedback from thestaff who attended the course. One of them just came in to the office and the first thing she said was 'I'm so glad I went to Living Values!' Thanks so much for this great work you are doing!"

2011 - Feedback from participants at a training in TP Ho Chi Minh.

“After studying Living Values I see that all of the participants in the class, including myself, have become a lot stronger and happier. I can see that there is a lot of benefit for students in learning the 12 living values and I will definitely share them with everyone I teach and meet. Nguyễn Thị Lý

I want to say thank you so much to the Living Values Education Program. I have gained a lot of inner peace and happiness from the training particularly on days 2 and 3 of the training. Đinh Thị Tâm

Following the training I am living with more thought and clarity. I have learned how to listen effectively to others and manage my anger. I hope everyone can have the chance to learn this program. Bùi Minh Trang

Following the training I feel life has more meaning and value. I listen more and have more respect for others. My thinking is deeper and more effective. Lại Đăng Khoa

Living Values Activities on Creating a World of Peace with Children in Nha Trang following a training by Bao Chau, LVEP trainer from HCM City

2011 December - 4 Day Training With Chamber Of Education, Cau Giay District, Hanoi:

Training With Chamber Of Education, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

After being inspired by some staff that followed a previous LVEP training, the director of the Chamber of Education invited 20 principals from Cau Giay Distrrict and some of her staff to follow the training. We invited also a small group staff of Blue Dragon – an NGO for street children - to attended this training.

This was the first time for LVEP to work with the Chamber of Education, who shared that they want to bring LVEP in the educational system in Cau Giay district. Many participants shared that they gained valuable insights into LVEP. So now we are looking forward to be invited by these principals, who attended the training, to train the teachers at their schools.

2011 – Update on Living Values National Television Series

In early 2007, the first of a series of 52 programs on the Living Values Education Program was broadcast on VTV2 (Vietnam National Television Channel 2). Since July 2007, the programs have also regularly been aired on VTV6, VCTC1 and VCTC6. Each program is 45 minutes long and is proving to be popular. Recently the director told LVEP that it is voted the most popular program on VTV2 each week. Between 2008 and 2011 the Living Values Series of 52 programs have regularly been repeated on various national channels and also provincial channels.

In 2010, six further programs on Living Values Education were filmed with VTV2 for adult audiences, and in 2011 LVEP and VTV2 cooperated to film a further five programs on Living Values activities for parents.

Objectives of the Initial 52 Program TV Series:

  • Through discussion and interactive participatory activities explore the 12 Living Values with youth from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Empower the youth and viewing audiences to make positive life choices when faced with negative peer pressure – particularly the pressure to use drugs or perform actions that would harm themselves or others.
  • Through the activities provide the youth and viewing audience with practical skills based on the 12 values to listen effectively, solve conflict positively, and contribute positively to their own self development, the development of positive relationships.
  • Enable the youth and viewing audience to develop awareness of individual and practical steps they can take to preserve the physical environment.
  • Explore positive parenting skills and non-violent discipline of children.

Feedback So Far:
Many viewers have written in about the program and shared that they have received a lot of inspiration for their lives and practically reduced their anger; increased the quality of their relationships; decreased their stress; are able to parent more positively; are able to be more effective as teachers; have been able to increase positive values in their lives, etc. One viewer wrote in that she was suicidal before watching the programs, but has now been able to use the tools on the program to overcome her difficulties and face her challenging home environment.

2010 Highlights

2010 – Living Values Activities Books Published in Vietnamese

Popular publisher First News has published all three activities books: 3-7 years, 8-14 years and Young Adults. They are now on sale in book stores throughout Vietnam.

2010 – Living Values Educator Trainings for Kindergartens in the Hanoi Area in Cooperation with the Hanoi Pyschology Association

LVEP conducted 6 trainings for kindergartens in Hanoi and the Ha Dong District through 2010. The feedback was very positive with one training of the principals and head staff sharing that they felt so excited about the values activities, new partcipatory style of teaching and the positive discipline.

2009 Highlights

2009 – Living Values Cooperates with World Vision, Vietnam

LVEP Training in Danang with World Vision Staff, 2009

In 2009 LVEP conducted 3 TOTs for World Vision staff and government teachers in Hanoi, Danang and HCM City. Following these trainings World Vision has started training teachers in Living Values in provinces north of Hanoi and in and around Danang. The World Vision staff feel that using Living Values lessons with the children provide a very positive foundation on which to later build further life skills and general knowledge. They add that when values are laid as a foundation, then children are able to use their skills on the basis of these values and this benefits not only themselves but others and the community.

2008 Highlights

2008 – Living Values Cooperates with AIDS Committee of HCM City

During 2008 LVEP trained management, staff, peer educators and clients at the AIDS Committee of HCM City. LVEP trainers also conducted 14 sessions for clients in districts in and around the city. Overwhelmingly clients shared that they experienced increased levels of peace and self respect as a result of the classes. One client went on to create a website to support people living with HIV/AIDS and he shared at the ceremony to open the website that Living Values is the program that had the most significant impact on his recovery.

2007 Highlights

2007 – Living Values is the most effective program in Drug Rehabilitation Centres

LVEP received a very favorable report from the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA). They have found LVEP to be the most effective program for youth in recovery in the drug rehabilitation centres.

2006 Highlights

2006 – Living Values for Parents

Often in the past when we have trained educators they have commented that it would be wonderful if the children's parents could also participate in the LVEP training. This became possible in 2006 when Plan International invited LVEP trainers to facilitate 26 trainings with both teachers and parents in rural communes where Plan is conducting projects. While professional evaluations of this program are still being completed, initial feedback shows that all parties, the teachers, the parents and the children, are benefiting significantly.

2006 – Living Values for Drug Rehabilitation

LVEP received a very favorable report from the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) following the 6 month piloting of the Living Values Activities for Drug Rehabilitation in 10 Drug Centers in the North of Vietnam. LVEP trainers were enormously inspired by the impact of the initial training on both the 10 peer educators present in the training 26 educators. Both MOLISA and LVEP are eager to conduct a similar training and implementation in the South of Vietnam pending funding.

2006 – Training Peer Educators to Use
Living Values Activities for Drug Rehabilitation

Participants acting out a skit on how to manage
Participants acting out a skit on how to manage their relationships with their families once they return home from the Drug Rehabilitation Centre, in Ba Vi, North Hanoi.

In June 2006, a 12-Day LVADR training was conducted with educators and peer educators from 10 Drug Rehabilitation Centers in partnership with the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA). This training was kindly sponsored by AMCHAM, Vietnam.

Some experiences following the training from the peer educators (former drug users):

  • “This training is needed for my life and my family. I will apply it in situations in my family.”
  • “I think there is a lot of conflict in family life and through this training I have learnt the skill of active listening and other skills to manage situations which will enable all members in my family to have more understanding of each other.”
  • “Yes, this training has helped me to go in a better direction and have more positive thoughts so that I can be free from drug use.”
  • “I can really use what I have learnt from this training for my life, myself and my family. I will tell my family about the benefits of all the living values.”
  • “It is very good to apply for myself to live with values and practice to control myself and share with my family.”
  • “Yes, I will apply in my life. I think I will create a lot of happiness for my close relatives and my friends.”
  • “I am very happy and lucky to have this training and it has become a tool to help me to change into a new life from now.”
  • “This training needs to be conducted everywhere. The timetable could be 5 to 7 days longer.”

Experiences from some Educators who attended the Training

  • “I hope this program will be conducted with everyone, so the world will be better.”
  • “This training is very good. These values are very meaningful and wonderful if this is available everywhere in the world.”
  • “This program is very wonderful. Hope these living values not only bring benefit for drugs addicts, but also community and society.”
  • “I found this program is very useful and practical for my present life. “
    “Very excellent – there is nothing more to say!”
  • “It is wonderful for me to attend this program. It will be applied for myself and society.”
  • “This is a useful program for improving a person.”
  • “Yes, I would like to share more and give more comments, but it is not enough room to write. I promise to make effort in using this for my better life and for my family.”
  • “This training gave educators an opportunity to approach LVEP so that they can bring happiness for everyone.”
  • “This training has brought me many valuable things. Thank you.”
  • “This training is very useful and has practical values for human beings.”
  • “Everything is complete and meaningful.”

2005 Highlights

2005 – One 7 Day Living Values Training for Street Children & Children At Risk Educators (LVASC) for social workers at the Family & Population Control, Organization in Dong Thap

2005 LVEP Educator, Miss Linh doing LVEP activities with some children from rural families in Saigon

Participant sharing following the LVASC Training:
This workshop (LVASC) has increased my knowledge about working with children at risk. Focusing on values such as safety, trust and respect etc. with young people and children in my opinion will decrease the future social problems for any society. LVEP does this very well in their step by step training program, the excellent resources and the facilitators."
Heather Rogers, Canada, 3/10/05

2005 - Comments from the Participants at the first training for Parents & Caregivers at the Institute of Psychology, Hanoi

“I feel I will be able to treat my children more positively now, actively listen to them and resolve problems more easily without getting angry”.

Comment from a Mother-in-law on the change in her daughter-in-law 4 days after her participation in the training: “Since the training my daughter-in-law has changed a lot. She is much more patient with her children, listens to them and interacts with them much more positively. Her children as asking her what happened to her to enable her to change so much!”

Another participant that has had a long running conflict with her mother-in-law found that following the training her mother-in-law saw her in a much more positive light and the relationship appears to be becoming much better.

“I understand the importance of listening to my children and resolving conflicts in a positive way.”

2005 – Brief Report from Binh Trieu Drug & Counseling Centre, TP HCM

Binh Trieu is the first Centre to complete and implement the new Living Values Activities for Drug Rehabilitation (LVADR) Program. They hold regular classes with 20 clients in each class. Binh Trieu has found that LVADR:

  • Helps clients to speak out about their past.
  • Helps clients express their thinking and review what happened to them during the time they were addicts.
  • Helps the clients release their psychological pressure when they could look back and talk about it. Compared to the basic LVEP, LVADR provides clients with the basic knowledge to think and share.
  • LVADR helps find out the deep reason why they got used to drugs.
  • LVADR helps find out the bad effect of drugs on their life.
  • LVADR also helps clients release their inside pressure.

Challenge of the new program: It requires more time and effort for clients to make permanent changes in their life.

Students created excellent dramas on managing their lives and remaining drug free once they return home from the Rehabilitation Centers, Ba Vi LVADR, 2006

Participants following the 10-day Living Values Activities for Drug Rehabilitation (LVADR) Training in the Ba Vi Drug Rehabilitation Centre with Trainers

Trish and Valerie

Children at Risk
Kim Phung, a HCM City-based teacher of children at risk shared, “Myself and my colleagues are very interested in applying LVEP with our students. The students are now speaking more sweetly, (using less bad-language and slang) their eyes and faces have become more friendly, they are willing to shakes hands with us, there are almost never any conflicts between the students and on the rare occasion when a conflict occurs it is easily resolved. They are more confident and their concentration has increased a lot. The students’ behavior is more constructive amongst themselves and with us and we, the teachers, are really happy about that!”

2004 Highlights

In March we held a two-day training on LVE and with 40 educators from "06" and "05" (06 is a drug rehabilitation centre for 500 young men who were addicted to heroin - 33% are HIV-Positive and 05 is a rehabilitation centre for 600 former female sex-workers of whom 50% are HIV-Positive). We also spent two hours working with a group of 50 clients at “06” They particularly enjoyed the activities on positive thinking, relaxation and changing thoughts. One man shared his vision of a better world was one where he could simply be accepted in the society.

2004 - Feedback

An educator from Dalat (North of HCM City) that attended a LVEP training in 2001 shared that she has been implementing the program with an age range of 3 years through to 70 years. She had a special experience when she used LVEP with it with a group of 200 older people – some were 70 years plus. She said the participants were very touched by the activities and they developed a lot more self respect and confidence. The educator found that older participants had wonderful creativity and put together an amazing exposition of their peace cakes and other activities.

June 2004 – LVE in Ho Chi Minh City

In April of 2004, LVE trained 25 peer educators from a Drug Rehabilitation Center in the South of Vietnam. These peer educators are now conducting the LVEP activities with groups of their peers in the Center. Initial feedback has been encouraging and so there will be further trainings in May 2004. Now in this Centre 2,500 youth are participating in the LVEP activities on a weekly and sometimes twice-weekly basis. Initial reports for the participants in the classes show that over 80% of the students find the LVEP classes very useful and learn a lot from them.

2004 - Helping At Risk Students in Hanoi

LVE has cooperated with Hanoi’s Dien Tien Hoang High School since 2001. The majority of the students attending the school are 'at-risk' and have generally been expelled from several others schools before enrolling at Dien Tinh Hoang. Drugs and crime are major challenges the school faces. Under the initiative of the school principal, LVE is being taught in every class and to all of the 1500 students. One teacher shared, “I now have much more understanding and tolerance in both my relationships with the staff and students here at school and at home with my family.”

2004 – Peer educators that participated in Four-Day LVEP training at Nhi Xuan Centre, HCM City share:

“Through the course, I’ve gained some very useful experiences and greater understanding of values to apply in my life. I am going to try to share what I learnt.” Another student, Linh shared, “This program is really useful to me for its knowledge as well as the positive effect it has on my thoughts. I feel more confident in life and it helps me to reduce my stress. Finally, I want to express my deep thanks to the educators and people who created a good learning environment for the course.” One young man shared, “First, I sincerely thank the educator who has shared these valuable lessons with me. Through the course, I have been able to look at myself deeply, treasure what I have, and try my best to share what the educator taught me with all my friends.”

Participants from the Phu Van Drug Rehabilitation Center share: “LVEP is very useful to understand how to live life in a better way. “The lessons help me to relax and manage my stress.” “The lessons help me to understand my own values better and make my relationships with others more harmonious.” “I feel lighter inside and my mind is more relaxed and I am now able to share my ideas and feelings in the group.”

2003 Highlights

2003 – LVEP & Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs

In November of 2003, LVE signed a one-year agreement with the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to conduct trainings in 12 Drug Rehabilitation Centers in both the North and South of Vietnam. Following the trainings the Centers are piloting LVEP with the youth in the Centers.

2002 Highlights

2002 - Children at Risk

Kim Phung, a HCM City-based teacher of children at risk shared, “Myself and my colleagues are very interested in applying LVEP with our students. The students are now speaking more sweetly, (using less bad-language & slang) their eyes and faces have become more friendly, they are willing to shakes hands with us, there are almost never any conflicts between the students and on the rare occasion when a conflict occurs it is easily resolved. They are more confident and their concentration has increased a lot. The students’ behavior is more constructive amongst themselves and with us and we, the teachers, are really happy about that!”

2002 – First Living Values for Street Children Training in the World

In November of 2002, Diane Tillman came to Vietnam to conduct the first training in the world for LVEP’s new activities for street children. Fifty educators and social workers attended a very special training with Diane. Some of them have gone on to implement the activities and found the activities from Living Values Activities for Street Children help the children enormously. Teachers share that conflict in the classroom has in most cases stopped completely and even if there is conflict it is easily resolved using the LVEP method of conflict resolution.

The following feedback is from a teacher that teaches a group of 30 students who mostly do have places they can sleep with parents or relatives, (Many of these parents are drug users or sex workers.) Yet, the children are forced to spend most of their time on the streets selling lottery tickets. The teachers shares that before using Living Values Activities for Street Children with her students, they were very aggressive with frequent fighting, couldn’t cooperate with each other, gathered in groups and got into trouble and were very afraid of strangers. “After LVEP’s activities for street children they are now confident and friendly with adults and their peers. There is almost no conflict in the classes and they now do not get into trouble after school either. The students have also developed many skits on how to keep safe from dangerous adults and really enjoy performing them. Now when they are on the streets and see children that are new to the streets they give support and advice to the new children and invite them to meet their teacher and join their classes.”

Twelve teachers from "Schools of Love" in HCM City who participated in an LVE training in June are now conducting weekly Living Values classes. Many of their students are called "plastic-bag-children" as they earn money collecting plastic bags from the rubbish dump. The children are generally from extremely difficult backgrounds with a number of their parents addicted to heroin and involved in crime. The teachers were inspired by the Living Values training and this inspiration increased on introducing the program in their classes. The students have already begun to show increased co-operation and unity during the lessons and are very enthusiastic to participate in the activities. The teachers have produced several plays on living values which has encouraged the children and created enthusiasm in them for future plays. In a recent class, one teacher introduced the value of love to her class of children from at-risk backgrounds. The children's eyes were opened to a wide and new variety of ways to share and give love – not just to their family but also to the community. Many of them are now inspired to help develop their country and community.

2002 – Nguyen Thi Minh Khai High School, HCM City

In July 2002, we trained educators and social workers at Nguyen Thi Minh Khai High School. After training the teachers, all 3,000 of the school's students participated in five hours of LVEP activities as part of the school's special summer program. The school is planning to apply LVEP with groups of students-at-risk on a regular basis.

2002 – Sharing LVE Materials

In February 2002, the Director of Thanh Da Drug Rehabilitation Centre was so encouraged by the implementation of LVE there that he sent copies of the LVE Young Adults books to all the drug centres throughout Vietnam.

2001 Highlights

2001 – Training for Communist Youth League

On the 27th and 28th of November 2001, we conducted a two-day training with a group from the communist youth league. Now, the very creative and dynamic group are going to offer regular classes in LVE HCM City's local youth cultural house.

2001 – Various Trainings

In October 2001, we held a two-day training with a group of physically challenged men and women; several were blind and some unable to walk. This talented group participated with great enthusiasm in the activities and are now very motivated to teach others. One of the blind men shared that during the visualisation exercise he was able to see and so he felt that he was no longer blind.

In October, we conducted 2 two-day LVE trainings with teachers of street children and children-at-risk. A total of 190 teachers participated in the trainings. The teachers were inspired by the interactive approach to teaching values and established plans to incorporate LVE in their curriculums.

On the 24 and 25th of November, we held a two-day LVE training at the HCM City Youth Cultural House with the club co-coordinators. Now, the English club with 500 members will hold monthly LVE classes. The social work club, culture club and internet club will also begin using the LVE program.

In September a group of 45 educators at Nee Son, a government drug rehabilitation Centre that is home to 600 drug-addicted youth, gathered together for a two-day LVE training. Although all the educators were positive about the living values activities, some of the educators were a little surprised at the participatory approach LVE embraces as they were used to the teacher-centred approach. Following the training, the drug centre began to pilot LVE with two groups of 100 clients.

In November, a group of 65 enthusiastic educators attended a LVE TTT in a suburb of HCM City. They now aim to visit the provinces and share the program with youth and educators there.

2001 – Various Experiences

Teachers piloting the activities as part of the civic education pilot comment that not only do the students find the activities much more interesting than the traditional civic education activities, the teachers themselves also enjoy teaching the program. The students also say that they appreciate the opportunity to share their ideas on the values and to work in groups and discuss the values more deeply.

Educators of children-at-risk in HCM City have shared that they are surprised at the depth of the students understanding on values and that the children can understand the activities much more quickly than expected.

Teachers working with children-at-risk have reported that the small children particularly enjoy the focusing activities on silence and becoming still inside.

Red Cross in Hanoi shared that they are using the values activities widely in the trainings they conduct in the community in Hanoi and the surrounding areas.

2001 – Experiences of Clients at HCM City's Thanh Da Drug Rehabilitation Centre

"The course woke up the values that I already have inside. Those are the point of view of life: love, respect for others, self respect and valuing the goodness that people give to me. From the values I learn such as peace, responsibility, love, etc. I feel that responsibility is the one I like the most. I have a responsibility towards myself and towards everyone. My relationship with the facilitator is closer, there is more understanding, it’s easier to share; not only in the class but also out of the class. I can share my feelings with the facilitator more openly. This is also a living value that I learned. There is not such program in High School and universities. But when I entered Thanh Da Center, I was given a deep knowledge of the outside world as well as my inner world. I would like to study more this program for the rest of the time. Thank you very much for the zeal and enthusiasm of our facilitator". Mr. Ha

"Two months is a short time but through this course I feel somehow that my words, thoughts and actions have changed. Every day I go to the class for a short time but I experience a lot from the lessons. Through these classes I really realized the value of life and the value of myself. Values that were sleeping for a long time in my mind such as responsibility, love, determination, effort making, etc., have been awakened. I worry about whether or not these values will stay awake forever or will go back to sleep one day. These are very practical things and useful for my life both in the present and in the future. I am grateful to the people who guided me and supported me". Mr. Kien

Miss Van, an educator at Thanh Da Drug Rehabilitation Centre for youth in recovery from heroin addictions shared the following:

"Thanh Da Drug Rehabilitation Center in HCM City has been implementing LVE since the beginning of July, 2001. We are finding that it has many advantages for both the clients in recovery and the educators. For the facilitators, LVE is a complete program – it contains ready to use lesson plans and so we are able to save planning time. While teaching LVE, we, the facilitators also have the opportunity to learn values and improve ourselves. We teach the values and develop them more fully in our own lives.

For the clients, LVE helps them to become more open because the teaching method and discussion questions encourage them to share their own ideas. They feel happy to see their opinions are accepted and gradually they become more confident in themselves and life to share their ideas. Sometimes, if they feel that we, the facilitators, are talking too much they put their faces down or look away. The clients also enjoy seeing the slogans and pictures they have drawn being displayed on the walls. They behave better among themselves and to others including the guards and other rehabilitation staff.

One client, Phong, spoke emotionally before leaving the center saying that the program woke up something beautiful inside him. He was very happy to learn that positive values are inherent in everyone and that although they may get covered over by negative layers through the LVE program we can wake them up again. Phong also said that the classes had enabled him to change a lot – he was now happier, more confident, more self satisfied and as a result he enjoyed having fun with his roommates. He laughed more, felt lighter, more comfortable and his friendships improved a lot. His room was now full of laughter and happiness."

Miss Tuei, an educator at Thanh Da: “Living Values Education has offered the clients a fresh and new approach to exploring values which the majority of the clients have accepted very openly. The activities where the students work in groups has helped to foster close trusting relationships among clients and also developed relationship between the clients and the educators. The lessons include a wide variety of participatory activities such as games, drawing, songs and role plays which makes the lessons fun and the clients enjoy the variety. Sometimes, initially the clients find it difficult to concentrate in the reflection and stress relaxation exercises but gradually they begin to relax and enjoy them. The activities are divided into clear lesson plans and so it saves the educators planning time. I have noticed that since learning living values the clients are better behaved, more mature, and the atmosphere in the Centre has become calmer. A few clients are reluctant to participate at first but usually with the encouragement of the educators join the classes. I feel the Living Values activities help awaken the positive values in the clients and bring them to life again.

2000 Highlights

2000 – LVE's Beginning in Vietnam

Vietnam's first LVE training was held in Hanoi from 3rd to 6th October 2000. Mrs Thuan Tran of the Ministry of Education and Training helped coordinate the training and invited 30 educational researchers, curriculum writers and educational psychiatrists to attend. The participants included researchers from UNICEF, Save the Children Fund (UK) and a representative of SCF, Sweden. Ruth Liddle, the Living Values Education Coordinator for Korea, conducted the training. From the very first morning there was a wonderful feeling of enthusiasm and positivity amongst all the participants that continued to build throughout the training. In the concluding session, participants shared many touching experiences of the training and their goals to implement LVE.