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Living Values Education Newsletter Issue 64 - December 2019

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Raj MilesThat first day in Switzerland, coming out of my room I encountered the chef outside the little chapel, “Come and pray with us” he said. It wasn’t what I had in mind but hey, it seemed a perfect beginning for the late September meeting in this little monastery-like retreat place, Crêt-Bérard, in the hills above Lake Geneva, with our nine representatives of ALIVE Associates in Europe coming together for a Regional meeting. It didn’t matter that the prayers and singing was in French, I knew the gist of what was occurring and I was so grateful and yes, I did feel the need to have my prayers heard.

There is nothing like a face-to-face meeting with people with whom you normally only exchange dry emails. Five days later we were a beautifully-bonded group. It was so good to hear of the honest woes and the thrills, of disappointments and successes. Best of all was the willingness to look sideways to see what more could be done. No one held back, the energy was fun, lively and progressive. My prayers that first day had been answered.

We came away with new ideas for empowering values-based education in Europe, with enthusiasm for building a European LVE group, and the willingness to engage with the new ALIVE initiatives that were shared. Plans are now afoot for bigger and better such gatherings, and more, in 2020 and 2021. Thanks everyone for a great experience!

As you read through this newsletter you will see that there is much going on. We trust you will find this newsletter interesting.

Kind Regards to all our subscribers.

Raj Miles
Deputy President, Association for Living Values Education International

Rainbow Booklet Library – LVE Activities for Schools

Living Values Education Rainbow Booklet for Young AdultsALIVE now offers a new values resource for teachers in the form of a library of some 30 pocket size booklets, each one focusing on one value and containing a selection of activities from each of our three full-size age-phase LVE Activities books – 3-7, 8-14. Young Adults.

With these booklets of values activities, a teacher can instantly conduct classroom activities on specific values such as Peace, Respect, Love, Tolerance, Cooperation, Honesty, Love and Caring, Simplicity and Caring for the Earth and Her Oceans, Happiness etc,.

The series of approximately 90 values activities for each age group also includes classroom delivery techniques and highlights how the activities might bring values awareness to students through simple, fun-filled, insightful and participatory experiences.

Files of the booklets are available on request free of charge and easily printed, folded and stapled on any standard school/office printer. To obtain the full range of booklets by email please contacts us and we can also send you the Rainbow Booklet “Living Values Education Criteria for a Model Values School” with tried-and-tested suggestions on how to bring full values education into your school.

Asia Regional TTE And Working Meeting of ALIVE Associates, Nakornpathom, Thailand; 8 – 10 August 2019

A successful meeting of ALIVE Associates and Focal Points for LVE within Asia took place in the Faculty of Education, Silpakorn University, Nakornpathom, Thailand. The meeting involved 13 people being representatives of ALIVE Associates, Focal Points or interested individuals from Hong Kong, mainland China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. The key objective was to strengthen networking among Associates/Focal Points in Asia through sharing of good practices on implementing LVE, instigating collaboration and providing an update on recent developments. Led by the President of ALIVE, Chris Drake, and with enthusiastic participation by all, this first Asia Regional Working Meeting was productive, stimulating and refreshing and gave a helpful boost to LVE efforts in the region.

“Connection with the Associates and Focal Points from around Asia in formal and informal interaction allowed me to learn a lot. This get- together session allowed me to feel their passion and team spirit and has inspired me to do my little part in my community.”
-Joyce, Singapore-

Immediately before the meeting a LVE Train the Educator Workshop (TTE) was conducted from 6 - August 2019 for an enthusiastic cohort of teachers and other educators in Thailand, including a Buddhist monk, and four additional participants who travelled in from Singapore, Sri Lanka and China for the occasion as part of the preparation to become an LVE trainer in their own country.

Expressing heartfelt thanks to the Faculty of Education, Silpakorn University for their kind hospitality and the venue, the meeting closed with a warm endorsement of the proposal to meet again next year with a similar format of a working meeting amongst experienced practitioners and a TTE for those less familiar with LVE.

Asia Regional TTE And Working Meeting of ALIVE Associates - Nakornpathom, Thailand; 8 – 10 August 2019

“The need to view the world through a prism of values has never been greater and values must have pride of place within all aspects of education, not only setting the tone for everything that happens within the learning environment but also ensuring that what one might call “values literacy” is an indispensable educational outcome. The LVE Approach places the search for meaning and purpose at the heart of education and recognises that teachers need to be supported in their work and valued, nurtured and cared for within the learning community. In this regard, there is much that ALIVE Associates in Asia, with the region’s strong emphasis on the importance of education and values, have to offer.”
- Chris Drake -

Europe Regional Working Meeting of ALIVE Associates
Crêt-Bérard, Switzerland; 25 – 28 September 2019

Representatives of the ALIVE Associates in Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands and Switzerland, together with ALIVE’s President and Deputy President, met together in the delightful venue of Crêt-Bérard for a three-day European Working Meeting in late September 2019.

It was good to be back in this tranquil environment, with its serenely beautiful view of the Alps, and memories were evoked of the ALIVE board meeting and General Assembly here in 2006. Importantly, this was the first time that many participants had met each other and it was heart-warming to connect and share inspirations and challenges.

Europe Regional Working Meeting of ALIVE Associates - Crêt-Bérard, Switzerland - 25 – 28 September 2019

Amongst the issues that teachers are encountering in Europe were reports of increasing violence in schools, the lack of interest or inability of parents to deal with circumstances in the home, and obsession with new toys or digital devices, so exacerbating the difficulties for teachers at school, and a general resistance to engaging with questions about values, let alone giving them priority in school life. Mobile phones and the lack of true social interaction that they induce were seen to be responsible for lack of real communication between parents and their children, and children with each other. Loneliness and addiction may result from a lack of the experience and practice of values and it was felt that while we can keep teaching about values we cannot ignore the effects of the problems in society and the lack of parent support for values education.

In some countries, a lack of ethics and accountability in the national governing bodies is seen as responsible for a decline in values in the general population while economic hardship contributes to a depressed social atmosphere and deficit in the belief in goodness. Turnover in teaching staff in some schools leads to a lack of continuity while work pressure means that some teachers are lacking in time and energy to learn values-based teaching skills.

Notwithstanding (or perhaps because of) this at times rather depressing picture, participants felt inspired to re-double their efforts, with morale being boosted by a common bond and the opportunity to share together seeking a collective future for values-based education in Europe. It was also reassuring and inspiring to hear of the success stories and the impact that each one was making in one way or another and whether at school or in the wider community.

The meeting was a great success in bringing everyone together in an open, mutually-supportive and nourishing sharing and plans were made to meet again next year and to organise a Europe-wide TTE/conference.

Brazil – Presentation on “Educating with Values” to 380 attendees! - Sao Paulo, Brazil; 11 September 2019

EMEB Luiz Pântano School in Itatiba, Sao Paulo state has been using LVE for some time but had requested extra support in relation to topics such as bullying, drugs, active listening and conflict resolution.  Núbia Hübner, Liliana Alcântara and Maria da Solidade of the LVE team in Brazil responded enthusiastically to the request and a whole-day event was held on 11 September 2019.  The photos below tell the story!


Value chart made by students and teachers
Value chart made by students and teachers

Parents heard about the importance of 'time together'
Parents heard about the importance of 'time together'

Living by a culture of peace
Living by a culture of peace

The Brazil LVE team with school management and teachers
The Brazil LVE team with school management and teachers

What value do you remember having experienced?
What value do you remember having experienced?

Indonesia – Educators Workshop
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia; 23-25 August 2019

A successful LVE Workshop for Educators was conducted by Karuna Bali’s Long-Life Learning (CL3) team in Ubud, Bali. The workshop was attended by 16 participants including representatives of organisations such as ISCO Foundation, PUSPADI Bali and Kasih Peduli Anak. This experiential and interactive workshop comprised 16 hours of core sessions with a focus on the skills to create a values-based atmosphere that participants can then apply in their daily lives.

Karuna Bali’s representative to ALIVE opens the workshop
Karuna Bali’s representative to ALIVE opens the workshop

Sharing thoughts about values made for a happy small group discussion
Sharing thoughts about values made for a happy small group discussion

Whispering values to another in the Tunnel of Love activity
Whispering values to another in the Tunnel of Love activity


Indonesia – LVE Workshop for Educators
Ciputat, South Tangerang, Indonesia; 13-15 September 2019

Lembaga Studi Agama dan Filsafat (LSAF), an organisation that focuses on reviewing and developing democracy and human rights in Indonesia held an LVE Workshop for Educators at Madrasah Raudhatul Irfan Jl. Kerosin V pondok ranji, Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten.  Twenty five educators and college students participated in the two-day event which was led by Iqbal Hasanuddin, Robbi Muhammad, Via Elga Susilawati, Muhammad Usman, Khoerotun Asyaroti and Ummal Khairoh.

Smiles all round during the break!
Smiles all round during the break!

Facilitator Iqbal Hasanuddin (middle back row) with happy participants
Facilitator Iqbal Hasanuddin (middle back row) with happy participants

Indonesia – 94 School Educators and six LVE Trainers at Pre-school workshop!
Jakarta, Indonesia; 10 – 12 October 2019

An LVE Workshop for Educators was held for teachers from Kiddie Planet Preschool Sunter, Gading, PIK and Graha in North Jakarta on 10 – 12 October 2019 and the 94 participating teachers were divided into three groups, with two facilitators for each group: Taka Gani and Rifah Zaenani (Group 1), I Wayan Rustiasa and Sony Jethnani (Group 2) and Philipus Yusenda and Irma Makarim (Group 3). The workshop aimed to help teachers learn and understand the importance of values, support them in consciously living by values in their school as a role model for their students.

Participants enjoy a session on ‘Transition to Values-based Discipline’ with Irma Makarim
Participants enjoy a session on ‘Transition to Values-based Discipline’ with Irma Makarim

Everyone’s favourite activity:  Making a World Peace Cake!
Everyone’s favourite activity: Making a World Peace Cake!

Cameroon – Training of Educators and Youth Leaders
Basilica Yaounde, Cameroon; 6 – 9 August 2019

Patricia Ndikum of Caretakers Initiative, the ALIVE Associate in Cameroon, had informed ALIVE of some of the tremendous challenges facing people in her country and that she in particular has been encountering in trying to spread a message of values amongst youth. ALIVE was able to provide some support and after a prolonged process of planning the long-awaited workshop took place in August as Patricia reported as follows.

Our mission for the seminar was to reach out to youth and educate them on the importance of values as a way to guide their actions, judgments and attitude. Our aim was to help them become conscious of the values they possess and to discover the need for and importance of values in decision-making, living together and upholding standards. To realize this we have to train teachers and youth leaders on values-based education. Participants were informed that the methodology we would use – and that they could use in their work – would be Reflections, Visualizations, Discussions, Quiet Moments and Creative Activities. One activity we carried out was The Tree of Values; a large bare tree with about 4 to 5 branches and a few roots was drawn on flip chart paper. The roots represent the foundation or core values, the trunk represents the support and the branches are our activities in life. Participants were divided into groups and invited to draw a tree of their life and share it with others in the group. After this first exercise, participants were asked to draw a value tree for their school and then brainstorm on the values of Cameroon. Tellingly, participants refused to contribute, saying we don’t have values in Cameroon. After much effort, finally we came out with something.

Tree of Values
Tree of Values

It was a similar slow journey in other activities but the knowledge and application of values by participants improved gradually as we progressed with the training. From the pre evaluation phase we knew that participants were not able to identify values by themselves. However, as the training continued we saw progress and they became able to appreciate values through creative activities. The spirit of interaction amongst participants increased as the workshop progressed. I saw how a family of values workers began to develop and grow by itself, with members starting to become one another’s keeper.

Some teachers confess they went into teaching not because of any passion for the profession but because of diverse reasons such as ‘to earn a living’, ‘fend for the family’, ‘fight for the future’, ‘I receive knowledge more than I give’, ‘just because I love the school’, ‘to build a working spirit and establish myself,’ or ‘I have no choice’. However some showed how much they love teaching, saying, ‘teaching adds more value to my life’, ‘I love children’, ‘it helps me grow’, ‘I feel satisfied bringing up children’. We also had participants who were negative about themselves, society and the country as a whole. When the topic of the government supporting teachers was brought up, the workshop nearly came to an end; teachers complained bitterly about the way they are poorly treated and about the poor salary they receive. But they also shared the problems they face with students and how they solve them. By the end of the workshop participants were able to ameliorate the way they were thinking and solving conflicts in class amongst students. They were also able to relate to qualities of a good teacher such as punctuality, discipline, resourcefulness, having a good character, being soft hearted, hardworking, a good listener, creative, knowledgeable, neat and honest.

In the same way during the evaluation they brought up a series of needs of a child. Generally they came to understand that we are all bound to live together as humans, despite our differences. The impact of the training was very significant in that by the end most of the participants were interested in working on values education, some saying they see themselves as having a new beginning, others saying they felt so satisfied. Other comments included: ‘I feel increased in values’, ‘now I know how to treat other people, ‘I have learned a lot of things’, ‘I have learnt to be creative, hardworking, patient, have a focus, tolerate others and have a sense of belonging and determination’. We also observed the changes in behaviour and a spirit of oneness and belonging that was shared by the participants. They created a WhatsApp group on the spot and are ready to take part in our activities.’


A BIG THANK YOU to all our Associates and Focal Points for their support of World Values Day, 17th October. If you haven’t seen our video with its chain of values around the world do have a look:

Living Values Educators Connect the World - World Values Day 2019

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