Values representation artwork drawn by Aristana from Karuna Bali Media Production department, Ubud, Indonesia.


In addition to ​illustrating the meaning of values, the Reflection Points offer a values perspective, one of valuing the dignity and worth of each human being.

Age group: 3 7 years

  • Humility is staying easy and light inside.
  • Humility goes together with self-respect.
  • Humility is when I know why I’m wonderful, but I don’t brag or show off.
  • A humble person can stay happy inside while listening to others.
  • Humility means behaving well while I wait my turn.

Age group: 8 14 years

  • Humility is staying light and easy inside
  • Humility goes together with respect.
  • Humility is when I know my strength but don’t brag or show off.
  • Humility makes arrogance disappear.
  • A humble person can stay happy inside when listening to others.
  • With the balance of self-respect and humility I can stay powerful inside and not need to control others around me.
  • Humility allows one to be great in the hearts of many.
  • Humility creates an open mind.
  • With humility I can recognize my own strengths and the strengths of others.

Age group: Young Adults

  • Humility is based on self-respect.
  • With self-respect there is knowledge of one’s own strengths. With balance of self-respect and humility there is an acceptance and appreciation of one’s qualities from the inside.
  • Humility allows the self to grow with dignity and integrity, not needing the proof of an external show.
  • Humility makes arrogance disappear.
  • Humility allows lightness in the face of challenges.
  • Humility as a value, at its highest, allows selflessness and dignity for a better world.
  • A person with humility listens to and accepts others.
  • Humility is staying stable and maintaining power on the inside and not needing to control others on the outside.
  • Humility eliminates the passiveness which builds walls of arrogance.
  • Humility allows one to be great in the hearts of others.
  • Humility creates an open mind and recognition of the strengths of the self and others.
  • Arrogance damages or destroys valuing the uniqueness of others, and hence is a subtle violation of their fundamental rights.
  • The tendency to impress, dominate or limit the freedom of others in order to prove yourself diminishes the inner experience of worth, dignity and peace of mind.