About ALIVE - Association for Living Values Education International

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The development and advancement of Living Values Education is overseen by the Association for Living Values Education International (ALIVE), a non-profit-making association of organizations around the world concerned with values education.

ALIVE groups together national bodies promoting the use of the Living Values Education Approach and is an independent organization that does not have any particular or exclusive religious, political or national affiliation or interest. The development and implementation of Living Values Education has been supported over the years by a number of organizations, including UNESCO, governmental bodies, foundations, community groups and individuals.

LVE continues to be part of the global movement for a culture of peace following the United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World.

ALIVE is registered as an association in Switzerland. In some countries national Living Values Education associations have been formed, usually comprised of educators, education officials, and representatives of organizations and agencies involved with student or parent education. In addition, to registered organizations, ALIVE embraces Focal Points in many countries, individuals who both represent and facilitate training in Living Values.


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